audi quattro spyder

Audi Quattro Spyder (1991)

The Audi Quattro Spyder concept was presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1991. The Quattro Spyder was an aluminium bodied mid-engine sports car. It would not be until 2008 that Audi would produce a similar car in production form – this being the superb Audi R8.

Powering the Audi Quattro Spyder was a 2.8 litre V6 developing 174 horsepower and 181 ft/lbs of torque. The 5-speed manual gearbox sent the power to all four wheels – obvious considering the ‘Quattro’ name.

The aluminium body of the Audi Quattro Spyder concept is roughly 30% lighter than a comparable steel structure, resulting in an overall weight of 1100 kgs (2425 lbs). This prominent use of aluminium now features on many of the models Audi produce today.

When the Audi Quattro Spyder was initially introduced it drew plenty of attention. However despite the positive reaction it was to remain a concept, and only two prototypes were produced, one orange and one green.