Audi TT offroad concept

Audi TT Offroad (2014)

At the Beijing Motor Show 2014 Audi company showed the all-terrain version of the TT model of the third generation. The prototype received a hybrid power plant, previously presented on the conceptual crossover allroad shooting brake, which premiered at the motor show in Detroit. The serial version of such a car could compete with Porsche Macan, Range Rover Evoque and BMW X4.

The composition of the new power plant includes a two-liter gasoline “turbo four” with a capacity of 292 horsepower, a 40-kilowatt electric motor connected to it (about 55 forces), as well as an 85-kilowatt (115 forces) electric motor on the rear axle and a set of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 12 kilowatt-hours

The total output of the aggregates is 408 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. The transmission is a six-speed “robot” e-S Tronic with two clutches and an integrated electric motor. The weight distribution among the axles is 54:46 in favor of the front axle.

The prototype is able to reach the first “hundred” in 5.2 seconds, and its maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour. The battery charge is enough for 50 kilometers (in this case, the “maximum speed” is 130 kilometers per hour). In hybrid mode, the range of the all-terrain vehicle is 880 kilometers, and fuel consumption is 1.9 liters per hundred kilometers.

The crossover received three modes of control electronics. In EV mode, only the electric motor on the rear axle is used. When the hybrid mode is turned on, the internal combustion engine and the electric motor on the front axle are activated, charging the batteries, and in the “Sport” mode, all motors start working with maximum efficiency.

The batteries of the prototype can be recharged at special stations or from the household power grid. In addition, the crossover was equipped with a wireless charging system that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It uses a pair of coils and an alternating current that creates a non-static electromagnetic field. One of them is mounted in the floor of the car, the second is in the parking space under it and is connected to the power grid. When the car pulls into such a parking lot, battery charging begins automatically.

The novelty received 21-inch aluminum wheels, 255/40 tires, as well as matrix headlights. Inside, instead of an analog dashboard, a 12.3-inch TFT display is installed. The crossover was also equipped with a Bang&Olufsen audio system, and two speakers were built into the headrests of each of the seats for the effect of “surround” sound.

The salon of the novelty is made in light and dark gray tones. Nappa leather, Alcantara and very soft leather from the Italian company Poltrona Frau are used in its trim.

As previously reported, Audi plans to expand the TT family beyond the coupe and cabriolet. At the same time, the option in which the model will turn into a family car is not excluded.