Audi Urbansphere

Audi Urbansphere (2022)

Audi has introduced the Urbansphere, an electric vehicle concept. It is the world’s first minivan firm, built for urban regions, according to the maker. At the same time, a vehicle’s length of 5.5 meters makes it difficult to utilize in congested city streets.

The Urbansphere was created “for usage in high-traffic Chinese urban regions, but the concept would be suitable for any other metropolitan area in the world,” according to Audi. However, the Urbansphere’s almost equally astonishing size, which is 60 cm longer than the Cadillac Escalade 2022, predicts that it will be quite quick to drive through congested city streets.

The novelty measures 5.51 x 2.01 x 1.78 meters and has a 3.4-meter wheelbase. Despite this, there are just four seats in the cabin. The conclusion that the manufacturer is promoting cars as “mobile living rooms and workplaces” suggests that spending time stuck in traffic in luxury will be enjoyable.

In addition to the body’s outstanding size, passengers added 24-inch wheels to the novelty. Doors that swing open in different directions allow access to the salon. There is no central pillar, making it easier to climb into the vehicle. The passenger chairs can be moved towards the doorway if necessary. The seats can be tilted up to 60 degrees.

The front seats have monitors incorporated into the headrests, which are supplemented by high-quality acoustics. A translucent big OLED panel in the centre of the cabin may be opened from the roof. If necessary, the front seats can be pushed against the car’s direction allowing easier communication with passengers in the back. Wood, synthetic fabrics, and recyclable materials are used in the interior design area.

Of course, the Urbansphere is just a concept at the exhibition, and there’s no assurance that Audi will put it into production in some form or another. The automaker’s lineup already includes a slew of massive vehicles, including the Q9 SUV, which was due to go into production this year.

Source: Audi