Buick Bengal

Buick Bengal (2001)

At first glance, the Buick Bengal is a sports convertible for two. But it is worth giving a command with the voice of “Bengal” as a decorative cover crawls into the bowels of the car, opening a couple more rear seats.

Moreover, it is convenient to sit there – behind the driver’s door there is an additional small sash that swings open against traffic.

The salon itself is a separate story. Armchairs of the most elegant forms, a wooden steering wheel with the thinnest knitting needles, like the strings of a piano. And the almost complete absence of instruments. Glowing scales appear only when the ignition is switched on. The rest of the “torpedo” is pristine.

Buick’s experimental masterpiece also drives well. The source of movement is a 250 HP supercharged V6. According to American tradition, the car is equipped with an automatic transmission.