Citroen Revolte Concept

Citroen REVOLTe (2009)

At the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, Citroen officially unveiled the Revolte concept car, inspired by the iconic 2CV, nicknamed the “ugly duckling”.

The car is equipped with a hybrid power plant, which allows the car to move both exclusively on electric traction and using only an internal combustion engine. The roof of the concept car is covered with photovoltaic cells that keep the Revolte’s on-board electronics working and keep the batteries from running out. At the moment, the detailed characteristics of the power plant, including the power reserve of the machine and the time required to recharge the batteries, are not reported.

In terms of overall dimensions, the novelty is close to the C2 model – the overall length of the Revolte is 3.68 meters, the width is 1.73 meters, and the height is 1.35 meters. At the same time, Citroen clarified that the concept car is not a harbinger of the new generation C2 or the revived 2CV, since there is no place for such a car in the brand’s range at all and its mass production is not yet possible.

“The Revolte was created only to impress the audience of a car dealership in Germany. In the last years of its life, 2CV was very popular in this country, but the C2 will not be replaced by another car and the Revolte is not a teaser for a future production model,” the head said at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Citroen’s concept car department Carlo Bonzanigo.