Citroen Tubik

Citroen Tubik (2011)

The Citroën Tubik is a design study of a futuristic 9-seater van inspired by the brand’s historic vans and focused on travel comfort and entertaining with its lounge-style interior.

Creating the appearance of the prototype, the designers were inspired by the TUB and Type H cars produced by Citroen in the early 40s of the last century. The overall length of the conceptual machine is 4800 millimeters, the width is 2080 millimeters, and the height is 2050 millimeters. The cabin has “atmospheric” lighting, three rows of seats that can accommodate nine passengers, felt chairs, a leather-covered floor, a large semi-circular TV screen and a powerful audio system.

Access to the Citroen Tubik on the right side is through one large door rising up. Each seat in the car is independently adjustable. For example, the front seats can be turned towards the windshield or completely turned towards the rear passengers, the middle row can be adapted for three riders, turned into a small table or completely removed. In the latter case, almost two square meters of “living” space will be freed up in the passenger part of the cabin. Also, all the seats can be completely expanded, turning them into a large bed.

The conceptual minivan is driven by a hybrid power plant, consisting of a diesel engine in front, an electric motor on the rear axle and a set of special batteries.