dodge super 8 hemi

Dodge Super 8 Hemi (2001)

Retro style is diverse. Some cars, with their soft, unobtrusive forms, evoke pleasant associations, intelligently inviting you to stroll along the path of memories… “Dodge Super 8 Hemi” is different. With its tough and uncompromising forms, it seems to drive you into the old era: “Do you want nostalgia in the style of the 50s? Get it!”

Assertive… No, rather, the cheeky appearance of the “Super 8 Hemi” is designed in the spirit of a half-century-old design. This is a comfortable and powerful sedan, equipped with a 5.7-liter engine that develops 353 forces. Therefore, a rear-wheel-drive car is capable of accelerating to 250 km/h. With such a temperament, just have time to glance at the road through a fancy panoramic windshield, “twisted” in the fashion of the 50s.

In the cabin, a complete imitation of not even cars, but American cafes and mid-century jukeboxes. Lots of shiny details all around. Three see-through cases of instruments are raised to the very top of the oval console. Not a car, but a hymn to American kitsch!