ford airstream

Ford Airstream (2007)

The Airstream Concept is the result of the partnership between Ford and Airstream, the motorhomes and trailers manufacturer. It combines an aeronautic-inspired exterior with a 1960s Space Age interior. It is powered by a new plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell system.

Ford’s idea for the future of crossover vehicles in 2007 was the Airstream, an ultra modern concept with a gleaming fuselage body. Visually the Ford Airstream concept paid homage to the riveted aluminum shell design of the celebrated Airstream travel trailers and motorhomes. The Airstream was powered by a plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell drive train called HySeries Drive, and delivered 41 miles per gallon. Each of the concept’s bold orange-trimmed window graphics was a unique shape, and its doors were asymmetric. A 3-door hatch finished the rear of the crossover. The red & white interior featured a floating instrument panel, flush-mounted, touch-sensitive controls, pod-shaped swiveling captain’s chairs, and a sculptural, continuous cocoon-like rear-seating environment wrapped in bold red B&B Italia fabric.