lancia stratos zero 1970

Lancia Stratos Zero (Bertone) (1970)

The Stratos Prototipo Zero was the correct name for the surprisingly low (840 mm high) concept car built by Bertone in 1970 using production units from the Lancia Fulvia. The car was completely ready for operation. Marcello Gandini, Nuccio Bertone’s promising recruit, has once again risen to the occasion. The traditional doors in the car were replaced by a reclining hatch in a heavily sloping front end.

Stratos by Marcello Gandini became the quintessence of conceptualism from Bertone – entry-exit through the windshield-door, side windows-portholes, triangular hood cover. And under it, the supercar has only a 4 cylinder 1.6 cylinder engine!