Nissan X concept

Nissan 126X (1970)

The Nissan 126X concept of 1970 has to be one of the all time classic concept cars. Also displayed at the 1970 Tokyo Motorshow, the 126X had striking styling and many novel features. One such feature was a series of coloured lights which were fitted into the louvered center rib on the front of the car. The red, amber and green lights illuminated in series depending on whether the car was accelerating, cruising or braking in order to allow other road users, especially pedestrians, to gauge the vehicles approach. Technically the 126X was also unusual in that it was powered by a slanted and transversely rear mounted 3 litre version of the six cylinder L series engine. Styling was as dramatic from the rear as it is from the front. The 126X was modeled by Lesney Products in their Superfast range as it was by Aguti Toy of Argentina and SZE of China. The original 126X concept still exists and was recently used in a Nissan Design exhibition in Japan.