Opel GT2

Opel GT2 (1975)


The Opel GT2 amazed visitors to the 1975 IAA with its futuristic wedge shape and sliding doors. It announced a new, rational concept car age of greater efficiency – in fuel consumption, safety, interior space and aerodynamics. The oil crisis in 1973 had once again turned the spotlight on these themes. And the pioneering work that Opel had already done on the aerodynamics of the Experimental GT and Opel CD concepts were put to full use in the GT2.


The Opel GT2 concept car shown at the IAA 1975 in Frankfurt was based on the chassis of the Manta / Ascona B. The two-seater coupe had a 1.9 liter 4 cylinder OHC engine and boasted a drag efficiency of 0.326. Over 16% better than the already sleek Experimental GT. Even the wheels were aerodynamically optimized. The rear wheels were partially covered to boost efficiency.


At first glance, the sleek wedge form and recessed headlights make a very futuristic impression. But the feature that got the most attention at the Frankfurt Motor Show was the eye-catching sliding doors without visible rails. The opening mechanism was housed in the rear view mirror housing. The body was made of sheet metal, but the use of plastic was planned in a later production version.


The interior was also ahead of its time: the bucket seats were constructed of individual plastic-foam components, the cockpit consisted of interchangeable modules with digital displays from VDO and there was even an on-board computer.

Source: www.opel.com