Pininfarina Ethos

Pininfarina Ethos (1992)

Family of environmentally friendly research prototype.

First concept of the Ethos trilogy, a family of environmentally-friendly vehicles of different configuration, this spider shares, with the following coupé and city car versions, the aluminium space frame (Hydro Aluminium), the body in thermoplastic material (General Electric Plastics) and the innovative Orbital thermic engine with excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

Pinifarina Ethos seemed to be able to become a serial car. It used an Australian-made 1.2-liter two-stroke engine, installed in the middle, and a five-speed gearbox.

The body of the Ethos belonged to the pen of Stefane Schwarz (Stefane Schwarz) and was a steeply inclined pure sports car with deeply cut sides, visible rear fenders like a motorcycle, front fairings and a boldly determined interior with two silver strips as a dashboard. At one stage, Honda was inclined to put the Ethos into series production, but the Orbital two-stroke engine experienced many delays and the project was put on hold, despite the appearance of the two-door Ethos II.