BMW Vision Future Luxury

BMW Vision Future Luxury (2014)

Presented by the Germans at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, the Vision Future Luxury car (“vision of future luxury”) is a concept car. 

The novelty received rear doors that open against the motion (as on Rolls-Royce), laser headlights and organic LED taillights. The prototype is built on a carbon-aluminum chassis, and the general widespread use of carbon fiber in the construction made it possible to almost completely get rid of the central pillar, making the interior, as they say in the company, “airy”.

The futuristic interior of the BMW Vision Future Luxury is finished in leather and wood, which BMW says creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The driver’s workplace is equipped with several monitors at once. They play the role of both traditional displays showing the readings of the on-board computer and multimedia system, and the instrument panel. In addition, the concept is equipped with a new generation of BMW head-up display, which works on the principle of “augmented reality”. Its readings are displayed directly in the driver’s field of vision and can contain speed limit warnings, draw additional attention to road signs or traffic lights, and also warn of possible emergency situations.

Rear passengers also have their own detachable tablet monitors that are integrated into the ConnectedDrive in-car multimedia system. BMW emphasizes that thanks to the architecture of the rear of the interior, each passenger has his own individual space, the so-called personal “comfort zone”. The rear seats are separated by a massive central tunnel, which has a built-in retractable table.