Bertone Fiat Enduro

Fiat Enduro (Bertone) (1996)

An off-road coupé. This was the concept, to go beyond the SUV idea, while remaining in line with Bertone’s other sporty concept cars, and the Fiat Enduro was the result.

The Enduro was presented at the 1996 Turin Motor Show. Starting from a Fiat Bravo/Brava base, the Enduro represented an original attempt to resolve the apparent contradiction between the off-roader and the sports car. And with its four-wheel drive and considerable height off the ground, it managed to break away from the usual road coupé formula.

The body is compact and dynamic, immediately expressing a sporty personality, and combined with the originality of an innovative design: its soft aerodynamic lines work perfectly with the larger wheels.

The Enduro was fitted with the 2000 cc. Bravo engine, with a potential of 147 Hp. Bertone also created the Enduro-Raid, a version equipped for taking part in international rallies.