Ford Saguaro

Ford Saguaro (Ghia) (1988)

1988 Ford Ghia Saguaro – precursor to today’s crossovers (was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1988)

Built by Ghia of Turin, the aerodynamic, seven-passenger Ford Ghia Saguaro concept featured flush four-sided glass on the side doors, flush exterior door handles, and a sleek windshield angle. The unique 19-inch wheels were placed farther from each other than on standard vehicles. Air intakes were placed inboard of each headlight for improved engine cooling during off-road driving. The interior featured two seats up front, three in the middle, and two in back. Both rows of rear sears could also fold flat to create extra luggage space. The rear hatch was hinged on the roof, enabling larger objects to be loaded into the car. Electronic digital instruments lined the dashboard.