Michelotti Matra Laser

Matra Laser (Michelotti) (1971)

The Laser is a special M530 bodied in 1971 by Michelotti

The Matra Laser is a one-off car designed and built by Michelotti in 1971. The Matra Laser was shown at the 1971 Geneva Show and after making some minor design changes, it was displayed at the Montreal Auto Salon in 1972. The car was built on the French made mid-engine sports car Matra M530 chassis. Its overall height is extremely low at 1080mm. To aid body strength and to channel the cooling system, it has a very wide side sill and features gull-wing doors. The car was displayed at the 2nd Tokyo Concours D’Elegance.

Source: www.lotusespritturbo.com