Mercedes Benz Ener G Force

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force (2012)

At the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a concept car called the Ener-G-Force. This is a full-scale mock-up, built according to the design of the manufacturer, who took part in the annual design competition held within the framework of this car show. This year, the theme of the competition is the 2025 Patrol Car. For the exhibition, “Mercedes” prepared the police and civilian versions of the Ener-G-Force.

One of the features of the prototype is the power plant on fuel cells. For its operation, special cylinders with water are installed on the roof of the car, which will be converted into hydrogen. The plant, through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, generates electricity for batteries that power four electric motors built into the Ener-G-Force wheels. According to representatives of Mercedes, the power reserve of such a car could be 800 kilometers.

In addition, the prototype received a device called “Terra-Scan”, which is installed on the roof and scans the surrounding space. In accordance with the data received, the electronics changes the settings of the springs and shock absorbers, adjusting their work to the nature of the roadway.