Nissan KYXX Concept

Nissan KYXX (1998)

Nissan’s KYXX is a five-door, five-passenger vehicle in the small MPV mold. The concept took about 10 months to create. Overall length of the vehicle is 3650 mm (144 in.), width 1680 mm (66 in.), and height 1480 mm (58 in.), with a wheelbase of 2550 mm (100 in.). Nissan put particular effort into providing maximum interior space. The exterior and interior of the car were designed in parallel, with teams swapped regularly to maintain overall design identity. The dashboard has a central information pod and the car is fitted with a satellite navigation system. The steering wheel is of small diameter. This and the rounded look to the interior with the instrument pods are to create the effect of even greater interior space. The belt line of the car is high and rises to the rear. The car is markedly cab-forward with a short nose. There are six lenses in each headlamp using fiber optics technology. Neon systems are used for the indicators; the taillights use LED technology. Its power unit is a four-cylinder, common-rail turbodiesel aimed at giving the car 3.0 L/100 km (78 mpg) fuel economy potential. It uses a development of Nissan’s M-fire combustion system.