Pininfarina NSU RO

NSU Ro-80 (Pininfarina) (1971)

Less a forecast of future design trends than the NSU Ro-80 itself was this blocky, 1971 special-body exercise by Pininfarina.

Designed by Paolo Martin.

Based on the NSU Ro-80 (powered by a rotary-engine), Pininfarina presented this unique concept-car.

Back in 1971 it featured safety features, like shock-absorbing bumpers, and extra strengthened doors, to prevent injuries, caused by side-impacts.

Elastic bumpers, without chrome gives the car a modern look, even 30 years after the car was presented at Motor Show of Torino, Italy.

The dark colored part of the body is the reflected image of the roofline.

The roof can be folded down, on the trunk-lid.

The car is now part of the Audi Collection.