Pininfarina GM Chronos

Opel Chronos (Pininfarina) (1991)

GM Chronos, 1991 – Design research prototype

In 1991 at the International Motor Shows of Detroit and Geneva Pininfarina presented the Chronos, a research concept based on GM mechanicals, in particular the ones of the Opel Lotus Omega, at that time the fastest sedan all over the world (The car was first revealed at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show as a static model. However shortly after the show a fully functional prototype was developed).

The unusual glass roof of the GM Chronos concept was impregnated with liquid crystals. When an electrical current was applied to the glass it darkened instantly, helping keep the sunlight (and prying eyes) out.

Pininfarina’s intention in this design study was to give hommage and concrete evidence to the Company’s collaboration with GM, while realizing an extreme convertible able to match outstanding performance to equivalent styling distinction: a proposal in line with the tradition of Pininfarina sports cars, the typical feature of which have always topped out the ranges of high volume producers.

Source: pininfarina spa.