Pininfarina X

Pininfarina X (1960)

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Space Race was on. Man was looking to the moon, and even the most mundane household items were beginning to look like space ships. It was no different with car design, and when famed Italian car design firm and coachbuilder Pininfarina entered the Space Age, the radical result was something decidedly out of this world. Personally spearheaded by Batista “Pinin” Farina and created as part of a scientific research program by the factory, this 1960 experimental car was titled “X.” A revolutionary body configuration and untraditional rhomboid layout for the four wheels provided aerodynamics that allowed higher maximum speeds and lower fuel consumption. The single front wheel is responsible for steering, while the two side wheels serve as outriggers to stabilize the car and the single rear wheel provides the power. The efficient 1089cc Fiat engine is located at the rear of the vehicle. At 0.23cd, this Pininfarina X (sometimes referred to as the PFX) has an exceptional drag coefficient even for modern times. Acquired directly from the Pininfarina Museum in 2007, this car represents an important piece of Italian automotive history. It is in virtually the same condition as when proudly exhibited at the 1960 Turin Motor Show and the 1961 Brussels Automobile Show, after which this radical concept car was returned to the factory. Batista “Pinin” was said to have personally driven the car around to various manufacturers to discuss having the car mass-produced.