alfa romeo bella

Alfa Romeo Bella (Bertone) (1999)

A sports coupé prototype with the mechanical characteristics of the “beautiful” Alfa Romeo 166. Alfa coupés are a recurrent theme for Bertone, stemming from its deepest and strongest roots stretching back into the past. Names that immediately spring to mind include the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint of the Fifties, the Alfa GT coupé of the Sixties and the Alfa Montreal coupé of the Seventies, models that marked the start of Italian-style Gran Turismo. With BELLA; Bertone wanted to explore a new formula that makes it possible to optimize the space of the so-called 2+2 coupés. BELLA is an elegant coupé full of zest, for grand tourism driving on long trips. A coupé that adapts with great versatility to all requirements and situations, with a forceful personality and dashing appearance. BELLA is designed for the Alfa Romeo 6-cylinder 3000cc and 166 KW engine.