audi avantissimo

Audi Avantissimo (2001)

Every concept car reflects an idea that automakers are trying to convey to the public. For example, Audi Avantissimo is a kind of probe designed to test the interest of wealthy people in luxury models with a station wagon body.

Avantissimo is more than five meters long with a V8 engine, permanent four-wheel drive and an aluminum body.

In the experimental Avantissimo were represented a lot of fresh solutions. For example, a 4.2-liter engine equipped with a twin turbocharger produces 430 forces. By the way, this is a direct relative of the engines that were installed on the racing Audi, which defeated all rivals at the “24 hours of Le Mans”. The new six-speed automatic transmission with the possibility of manual shifting allows easily cope with this power. Moreover, the driver can switch speeds without taking his hands off the steering wheel, behind the steering wheel, as if in a racing car, special transmission control levers are installed.

Another interesting thing in the Avantissimo is the electronically controlled air suspension which can operate in automatic, sporty and comfortable modes. In addition, the air suspension independently adjusts the ground clearance depending on the speed of the machine. The parking brake also works automatically.

And the salon is full of advanced solutions. For example, all chairs are equipped with built-in massagers that prevent back numbness on long trips. The rear seats with the help of electric drives are laid out in a kind of berth: the pillow moves forward, and the back simultaneously assumes an almost horizontal position.

Since “Avantissimo” was conceived as a station wagon, even the cargo compartment was not deprived of technical delicacies. When you lift up the fifth door, the boot floor can be pulled out with the help of an electric drive. They put suitcases on it, pressed the button on the key fob – and the luggage itself leaves for the bowels of the car. And if you have to transport a very bulky load, then again, at the command from the remote control, the rear sofa automatically folds up, and the movable “layer” of the floor moves forward. This forms an impressive flat cargo area. In terms of trunk capacity an executive Audi can compete with a delivery van.