ferrari pinin

Ferrari Pinin (Pininfarina) (1980)

1980, and again Pininfarina, and again Turin. The interior sensation was the first 4-door Pinin in the history of Ferrari, which remained the only one – the matter did not go further than the layout. It was supposed that this imposing sedan with a 5-liter boxer 12-cylinder engine in the front could challenge Rolls-Royce, but the project was not further developed, as it went too far beyond the established traditions of the company.

Ferrari Pinin was developed by Pininfarina designers in honor of its 50th anniversary.

The base for the car was a four-seater coupe Ferrari 365 GT4. At the same time, its design was created by a team of atelier designers led by Leonardo Fiorovanti.

The Italians took the design of classic cars from the 70s and 80s as a basis. The car combined the appearance of a classic coupe and a modern technical stuffing.

A large radiator grille and wide headlights caught the eye. The rear lights were made by Lucas. They were painted in body color and were completely invisible when turned off. The body pillars were painted black.

Salon sedan was made in a classic style. Wood and leather were widely used in decoration. It created a feeling of luxury in the cabin.

The dashboard here is electronic and cannot be seen until the ignition is turned on. Rear seat passengers were able to control the power windows and audio system.

In terms of technical characteristics, this sports car is very similar to the Ferrari 400 GT. Designers borrowed a five-liter power unit with twelve cylinders and a capacity of 360 horsepower.

The engine worked in conjunction with a five-speed transmission of a mechanical type. The maximum speed of the car was 280 km/h.

After the release, the concept was an outstanding success, was approved by Enzo Ferrari and was preparing to be sent to a special series, but did not go into mass production.