Pininfarina Cambiano

Pininfarina Cambiano (2012)

Presented at the Geneva Show, the Cambiano Concept is based on a carbon fiber structure with aluminum subframes and an advanced hybrid electric drivetrain, with four in-wheel motors that deliver a total peak output of 600 kW, complemented by a micro-turbine range extender.

The concept sedan, named after the Italian city of Cambiano, where the headquarters of Pininfarina is located, received four electric motors (one for each wheel). Each of them develops 90 horsepower, while the power for a short period of time (for example, for sharp acceleration) can increase to 204 horsepower. Thus, the maximum total output of the engines reaches 816 horsepower.

The batteries of the power plant are recharged using a small turbine powered by a diesel unit. According to representatives of Pininfarina, the total range of the prototype is 800 kilometers, of which 205 kilometers the car can travel exclusively on electric traction. Cambiano’s CO2 emissions are 45 grams per kilometer.

The concept car can reach the first “hundred” in 4.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 275 kilometers per hour.

As noted in the design studio, other design features of the Cambiano are a three-door body (one door on the driver’s side and two on the passenger side), the absence of a central pillar, a passenger compartment made of carbon fiber, as well as finishing the interior floor, dashboard and part of the door panels with dies from recycled oak, taken from the navigation poles used in Venice.

In the manufacture of the body, carbon fiber reinforced with aluminum was widely used in the area of the front and rear suspension, as well as the places where the batteries are located. We add that, according to the designers, they drew inspiration from the appearance of a large 1957 Lancia Florida coupe.