Aston Martin DBX Concept

Aston Martin DBX (2015)

Aston Martin has brought an electric all-terrain prototype called the DBX to the Geneva Motor Show. The novelty is a harbinger of the first crossover in the history of the British brand.

The prototype was designed by the brand’s chief stylist Marek Reichman. The car is designed for four people, while it has a spacious luggage compartment and was designed specifically as a comfortable car for every day. The body of the car is completely made of aluminum and painted in a special black color Black Pearl Chromium. The authors of the project claim that the shade very accurately imitates the brilliance of a black pearl thanks to the thinnest layer of chromium. The interior is trimmed with high-quality hand-stitched leather, which is visually diluted with polished aluminum inserts.

Of particular interest is the electric power plant. The manufacturer does not disclose all the details, but claims that the car is driven by four electric motors that are installed directly into the wheels of the car, which saves space within the body.

The Aston Martin DBX received carbon ceramic brakes and a KERS kinetic energy recovery system. In addition, the novelty was equipped with a high-strength windshield with an automatic dimming function.

The prototype is controlled using Drive-by-wire technology, when the mechanical control units of the car are replaced by electronic ones. The DBX has two large head-up displays for the driver and front passenger, as well as rear-view cameras that have replaced the side mirrors.

Representatives of the manufacturer stressed that the DBX is only a concept car and it is too early to talk about its serial production. “This prototype is a fresh and audacious vision of what customers around the world can expect from us going forward,” Aston Martin explained.

The head of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, noted that the company is already hatching plans to create such a production car. “Probably, in the foreseeable future, cars of the Gran Turismo class will differ not only in style and luxury. They will become more practical cars for the whole family, and will not pose a danger to the environment,” said Palmer.