IED Alfa Romeo Gloria

Alfa Romeo Gloria (IED) (2013)

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) will present the Gloria Concept, a design study created in collaboration with Alfa Romeo Style Centre.

A team of young designers worked on the project in collaboration with specialists from the Alfa Romeo Style Center and the Fiat-Chrysler Design Center. The resulting sedan must perform a difficult task – to convey the core values of the brand to the Asian and American markets. Thus, if the Alfa Romeo Gloria was embodied in a production model, it would have every chance of becoming global.

Alfa Romeo claims that the work on the student project was carried out according to the same scheme, according to which the “adult” design centers work. Based on the terms of reference, 20 students created several independent developments, from which the project managers chose the best one. The whole group brought the project “to mind”.

The sedan turned out to be quite large – 4,700 mm in length with a wheelbase of 2,900 mm. About what kind of power unit was supposed to be used in the project, Alfa Romeo did not report, but hinted that it could be a turbocharged V6 or V8. At the Alfa Romeo stand in Geneva Gloria appeared in the form of a full-size layout. Thus, the intended interior of the sedan remained a mystery. But it was possible to “play” with the exterior in a virtual environment: visitors of the Geneva Motor Show were able to get an idea of how the concept car will look like in a particular body color and “try on” various rims on it thanks to tablet computers installed at the stand of the Italian company.