Bertone Nuccio

Bertone Nuccio (2012)

The Italian coachbuilder Bertone presented at 2012 Geneva Motor Show a concept mid-engined sports car Nuccio. The car is named after Nuccio Bertone, who led the company from 1946 to 1997. He took over the family business from his father Giovanni after World War II and was able to establish the firm as a leader among other design firms.

The concept sports car was developed in honor of the centenary of the Bertone studio. The design of the prototype is made in the style of cars created by the company in the 70-80s of the last century, when the studio was at the height of its success. The features of the novelty are reminiscent of the concept sports cars Lancia Stratos Zero (1970), Lamborghini Bravo (1974) and Alfa Romeo Carabo (1968).

After Geneva, the Bertone Nuccio prototype was shown at exhibitions in Beijing, Turin and the USA.