Opel GT X Experimental

Opel GT X Experimental (2018)

– The next PACE! milestone: Brand Concept vehicle previews future of Opel models

– Expressing Opel values: German, approachable, exciting

– Opel Vizor: Hallmark design for the new face of all future models

– Visual and digital detox: “Pure Panel” redefines interior design

– Electric Power: GT X Experimental stands for electrification of all Opel models by 2024

– Opel concept vehicles: Designing the future for over 50 years

Rüsselsheim. Opel is giving a preview of the exciting future of the brand with a new Brand Concept. Its name: the Opel GT X Experimental – a bold, 4.06-metre, 5-door, all-electric compact SUV with coupé appeal and brimming with innovative ideas. The GT X Experimental embodies Opel’s values and vision along with providing a glimpse of what the future holds for Opel models. The company had already announced that it would further sharpen its profile during the presentation of the strategic PACE! plan last November. The GT X Experimental is the first tangible result of this process.

Source: Opel Press Release