Lamborghini Urus Concept

Lamborghini Urus (2012)

The conceptual crossover Urus received the Bentley Exp 9F prototype platform, a 600-horsepower engine and distinct prospects for serial production.

According to Stefan Vinkelman, the head of Lamborghini, “a crossover is a great idea for the third model family of the brand and an excellent addition to the supercars available in the Lamborghini lineup. Urus is Lamborghini among crossovers.”

The “most extreme crossover in the world” already called by many experts is built on the same platform as the recent prototype of Bentley Exp 9 F, but with the widespread use of carbon. It is known that the same architecture will be used subsequently for the new generations Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7. The anti -terrace prototype is equipped with an engine that develops, at the request of manufacturers, 600 horsepower, but it has not yet been announced which particular motor is used – atmospheric V10 or turbocharged V8. However, it is known that Urus received a permanent all -wheel drive and a checkpoint with two clutches. In addition, a suspension with adjustable clearance can be used on the serial model.

The conceptual Lamborghini Urus, named after one of the ancestors of modern bulls, should, according to the developers, convey to potential buyers the very idea of the possibility of a crossover from Lamborghini. The final decision on serial production has not yet been made, but there is no doubt that the project will receive a green light according to the results of the exhibition. The Italian company expects that the appearance of a crossover can seriously increase the sales of the brand as a whole: it is expected that in the year Lamborghini will be able to sell up to 3,000 crossovers.

In the series, the novelty will appear no earlier than 2015. Then the Italians do not even exclude the participation of the SUV in the Dakar marathon.