vw id buzz

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz (2017)

Volkswagen introduced the prototype of the electric minivan I.D. Buzz, equipped with a full -wheel drive system. The first public show of the concept car took place at the Detroit car dealership.

Electric compactwane again-after a number of concepts, including Budd-E-became a reference to one of the legendary Volkswagen models named T1. I.D. Buzz is openly called the result of thoughtful work on the Budd-E concept, but at the same time it became much closer to the series.

The all -wheel drive is provided by two electric engines with a total capacity of 369 horsepower, installed one on each of the axes. Motors from a battery block with a capacity of 111 kilowatt hours are powered, which are mounted in the prototype floor.

From a place to 96 kilometers per hour Volkswagen I.D. Buzz accelerates in five seconds, and the maximum speed of the concept car is forcibly limited by electronics 160 kilometers per hour. The course of the electric minivan is 600 kilometers, and to replenish the stock of batteries by 80 percent using a special charger, it will take half an hour.

The prototype was based on the modified version of the MB – XL modular platform. The standard version of this chassis debuted on the conceptual hatchback I.D., which was presented in the spring of 2016 at the Motorshow in Paris.

Volkswagen noted that the MEB platform allows you to use on I.D. Buzz is only one 268-horsepower electric engine, which is installed on the rear axle. In this case, the concept of the concept can be integrated into the floor of the battery with a capacity of 83 kilowatt hours.

Gabarit length I.D. Buzz is 4942 millimeters, the width is 1976 millimeters, and the height is 1963 millimeters. The wheelbase of the prototype is 3299 millimeters. Thus, the concept car is 64 millimeters shorter, 72 millimeters wider and seven millimeters below Volkswagen Multivan. The difference in the distance between the axes is 299 millimeters in favor of I.D. Buzz.

In the list of equipment Volkswagen I.D. Buzz has also entered the autonomous control system. In the unmanned mode, the car electronics receives information from laser and ultrasound sensors, radar, as well as circular review chambers. When activating an unmanned mode, the steering wheel of the prototype is cleaned in the central console. The autopilot is turned off by touching the steering wheel or by pressing the gas and brake pedal.

I.D. Buzz was equipped with three rows of seats. The front seats can unfold against the movement of movement while driving by autopilot, the capes of the second row are transformed into tables, and the third – to the bed.

On the timing of serial embodiment Volkswagen I.D. Buzz its creators do not yet say, but it is known that in Volkswagen nourish the most serious hopes for creating a whole line of electric vehicles based on the MEB modular architecture.