Porsche Vision Renndienst

Porsche Vision Renndienst (2018)

Created in 2018 and never before revealed, the Vision Renndienst is a futuristic “space shuttle” that draws inspiration from a VW van used by Porsche decades ago. It looks amazing as the model has streamlined surfaces, a dynamic greenhouse and the most aggressive side skirts ever applied to a van.

The Porsche vision “Renndienst” (2018; 1:1 hard model) is the free interpretation of a family-friendly space concept for up to six persons. The design team designed a futuristic “space shuttle“ with exciting proportions. The study shows how the Porsche design DNA with its characteristic surface modelling can be transferred to an unknown vehicle segment for the brand. In the interior, passengers find a comfortable and modular travel cabin. The driver sits in a central driver’s seat. The all-electric drive technology is located in the underbody. As a result, passengers can enjoy an unexpectedly generous space and travel experience combined with Porsche-like flair.

Source: newsroom.porsche.com