Mercedes Benz F125

Mercedes-Benz F 125! (2011)

The anniversary concept of Mercedes-Benz, presented in Frankfurt, received a hydrogen power plant. The Mercedes-Benz F 125!, based on the F800 concept, hints at what the brand’s top models could become by 2013.

The number in the name of the prototype means the number of years since the founding of the brand. Mercedes-Benz has already confirmed that some of the design elements reproduced on the F 125! concept could later be used on the exterior of the S-class sedan and CL coupe. First of all, we are talking about the radiator grille and embossed side stampings.

The concept is 97 mm shorter than the current generation of the short-wheelbase S-class, but with almost minimal overhangs, its wheelbase is even longer than that of the extended S-class sedan. The body of the concept is made of aluminum and mounted on giant 23-inch wheels.

F 125! received a combined power plant: hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity, which is used to operate four electric motors with a total power of about 230 hp. They, in turn, turn the wheels. It is noted that the fuel tank for the hydrogen part of the propulsion unit is integrated into the power structure of the body, which protects it from damage.

Computer calculations show that the concept could accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, making it faster than many of today’s S-class family members. According to the manufacturer, the consumption of hydrogen will be only 800 g per 100 km of track. At one “gas station” the concept travels up to a thousand kilometers, while accelerating to 220 km / h.

It is noted that Mercedes-Benz is seriously considering the prospects of equipping serial S-class sedans with similar power plants, but this may not be until 2013.