IDEA Sofia

I.DE.A Sofia (2010)

At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show IDEA Institute has presented the Sofia Concept, a design study of a four-door, four-seater large sedan that pays homage to Italian elegance and femininity with an exterior inspired by classic sportscars.

To create the appearance of the car, the developers were inspired by female forms. Yes, that’s exactly what it says in the official press release. Moreover, the glamor and elegance of “Sofia” is emphasized by a glamorous red dress (the phrase is also taken from the official message).
I.DE.A. Sofia, like most design developments, is just a layout. And although theoretically the car can be equipped with an eight-cylinder gasoline engine and (if desired) an electric motor, as well as get a front- or rear-wheel drive layout, in practice there is no technical stuffing yet.
Of course, the chances that any of the major automakers will be interested in developing I.DE.A. Institute and will launch a similar car into a series, there are, but they should not be overestimated – over the 30-year history of the Institute, not so many cars developed by him have got into mass production.