BMW Simple Concept

BMW Simple (2008)

The BMW SIMPLE (Sustainable and Innovative Mobility Product for Low Energy consumption) Concept is a three-wheeler leaning personal commuter with a tandem seating layout focused on maximizing energy efficiency. Among the technical features are a drag coefficient of 0.18, a total weight of 450 kg and 36 kW hybrid powertrain.

Is there a car capable of accelerating up to 200 km / h with an average fuel consumption of 2 liters per 100 km? It turns out that it exists. And such a model was developed not by amateur motorists, but by BMW engineers.

The Museum of the Bavarian concern BMW in Munich has been enriched with a new exhibit – a three-door concept car called BMW Simple, which means “simple” in translation. The vehicle, designed to move around the streets of metropolitan areas, is a hybrid of a car and a motorcycle. The concept is barely 110 cm wide and shorter than the MINI Cooper. The official press release notes that the tricycle is not inferior to the BMW 5 Series model in terms of comfort.

On the example of BMW Simple in Bavarians, they demonstrate their achievements in the field of technologies for creating economical and environmentally friendly cars. As mentioned above, the average fuel consumption of the model is only 2 liters per 100 km, and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere do not exceed 50 g/km.

The concept, weighing 450 kg, is equipped with a small 48-horsepower gasoline engine, paired with a small electric motor. The car is able to lean during cornering like a normal motorcycle. Of course, the dynamics of a tricycle is not as excellent as a motorcycle, but according to the manufacturer, the BMW Simple can accelerate to the first “hundred” in 10 seconds.