Renault Talisman

Renault Talisman (2001)

Renault Talisman concept car has not deviated one iota from the “code of honor” of its predecessors. It is beautiful, elegant, but absolutely incomprehensible! And how can you understand a luxury Grand Tourismo class car that flaunts Spartan simplicity? There is nothing superfluous in the cabin. Even the seats, which gracefully follow the shape of the human body, are firmly attached to the floor. Finding a comfortable fit here is supposed to be different – adjusting the pedal block and steering column with the help of electric drives. If you need to change the seating height, then air is pumped into a special cavity in the seat cushion.

In theory, once and for all fixed seats have their own charm. Those sitting in the back will never complain that they are oppressed by the long-legged inhabitants of the front seats.

This car should be admired in detail, each time noticing a new elegant solution, whether it’s laser-cut instrument numbers in transparent glass (it seems as if they are hanging in the air), or a front panel made in the style of an airplane wing. And then, perhaps, you will find genius in the simple and uncomplicated forms of the Talisman.