chrysler citadel

Chrysler Citadel Concept (1999)

Concepts from Chrysler are the closest to serial production. And the point here is not that they are not modern enough compared to others. It’s just that the company’s serial products have long been distinguished by their sophistication of style and shape, and often look like a concept.

Citadel is a new look at the traditional loved by Americans big family station wagon. According to the ideas of the authors, the development should include a sports note.

Chrysler Citadel is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 253 hp. From this engine, the drive goes to the rear wheels. The front ones are driven by an electric motor that produces 70 hp. The Citadel’s total power is equal to one V8, but the fuel economy is lovingly calculated to be one and a half times greater. That’s what a merger with practical Germans can lead to – after all, the entire Chrysler booth was decorated with the DaimlerChrysler logo.

Design of Citadel is not too effective. Each of its details is imbued with a sporty spirit from rims to sophisticated lighting technology. Very unusual is the body structure, which, although it occupies the B-pillar, cannot be attributed to the characteristics of a hardtop, the door concept is equipped with frames, and the pillar is removed with the door. The silhouette concept is a little short of a monovolume, but this is not done because of the insecurity of the designers. We should take into account that we have an expensive and prestigious car in front of us. In this class the length of the hood still means a lot.