chrysler pronto cruizer

Chrysler Pronto Cruizer (1998)

The concept car of the American concern Chrysler was created on the basis of the Neon serial model. This is not the first concept of Chrysler in which the features of classic hot rods are guessed.

Hot rod is an American phenomenon, although there are admirers of expensive cars of this type in other countries. A classic hot rod is a converted car of the past years (or a modern copy of such a car, since there are not enough old cars for everyone). Hot rods are equipped with powerful multi-cylinder engines. To do this, sometimes you have to lengthen the hood. The cars have big wheels, redesigned bodies with small windows (because the pillars are shortened to reduce the height of the car, and aerodynamic drag). Hot rods are designed mainly to satisfy the ambitions of the owners, however, in the United States, competitions of such cars are often arranged.

Note that the Plymouth Prowler, shown a few years earlier as a concept car, began to be mass-produced in small batches.

The new concept car Pronto Cruizer is equipped with the main components and assemblies of a conventional car. And the four-cylinder 2.0-liter 16-valve engine has been well tested on already produced Chrysler passenger cars. Given the enthusiastic reviews of visitors to the salons where the Chrysler Pronto Cruizer was exhibited and the high marks of specialists, perhaps the fate of a serial model awaits it.