Cadillac InnerSpace

Cadillac InnerSpace (2022)

Cadillac InnerSpace concept car was represented at CES 2022. The project was built on the concept of a completely autonomous vehicle, with only passengers in the interior (there are no controls).

According to Cadillac engineers and designers, the format of sports two-seat models will not be obsolete with the introduction of completely autonomous vehicles. In the roomy interior, a comfortable double seat is fitted, and instead of an instrument panel, a big curved onboard computer screen is installed under the windshield. The infotainment system works on GM Ultifi OS, which allows you to increase the system’s capabilities.

If passengers do not wish to use the double seat, which forms a kind of sofa, the seats can be moved slightly apart to select the distance. The Cadillac InnerSpace electric vehicle is constructed on the GM Ultium platform, which allowed for more effective battery distribution and more cabin space. Goodyear tires with SoundComfort technology reduce riding noise, while the Sightline system gives additional information about tire pressure, temperature, and load.

The InnerSpace is part of a larger Halo Concept Portfolio project that also includes the PersonalSpace single-seat electric plane and the SocialSpace minibus.

Source: GM