chrysler lamborghini portofino

Chrysler Lamborghini Portofino (1987)

In 1987, the prestigious Lamborghini brand was taken over by Chrysler, which celebrated the anniversary of this acquisition with the magnificent Portofino concept car. Named after a resort on the Italian Riviera, the car was made on a 23-inch stretched Jalpa platform and was equipped with a V-shaped “eight” located in the base, derated to 225 hp. The body design with four guillotine-type doors, two trunks and excellent aerodynamics (Cx = 0.25), as well as the interior of the four-seater saloon, was developed in the USA, and the Turin atelier Coggiola built the car. Portofino was not intended for mass production, however, Chrysler Corp. mass full-size sedans received a similar silhouette and design of the front end.