Citroen Activa

Citroen Activa (1988)

The Activa was built as a test bed for current and upcoming features to be found on family cars of the future. The suicide doors and partially-fixed windows were mainly only found on concept cars. However, the Activa’s hydropneumatic suspension was used on various production cars. Inside, a heads-up display system projected vital driver information on the windshield, a feature found in Citroen’s XM production car. The Activa also incorporated four-wheel-steering, four-wheel-drive, anti-lock braking, and traction control for wheel spin. The unique wheels were designed by Citroen. With an extensive use of glass overlapping the support pillars, minus the roof, and four individual seats, the Activa was also characterized by a rectangular steering wheel and a console-mounted flat control device acting as the gear shift lever.

Source: Concept Car Central