lancia medusa

Lancia Medusa (Italdesign) (1980)

The world’s most aerodynamic car. The energy crisis at the end of the 1970s causes a broad second thinking about cars, with an emphasis on low fuel use.

The concept car notion changes after the energy crisis at the end of the 1970s and Sundays on foot.

Sport cars with unique lines and production automobiles with squared lines will eventually give way to more aerodynamic forms that reduce air resistance and consumption.

Medusa is the first actual example of a car that is not utopian but aerodynamic. It is built on the Lancia Beta platform because the back and center engine mechanics allow for a fairly defined front end.

Smooth lines and some technical solutions, such as handles and windows close to the bodywork, allow for a 0.255 Cx with the cast model, raised to 0.263 with the plate prototype: Medusa is the world’s most aerodynamic car.

Source: Italdesign