renault gabbiano

Renault Gabbiano (Italdesign) (1983)

The Ranault Gabbiano concept was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1983, marking the start of a collaboration with Règie Renault that would lead to the creation of the Renault 21 in 1986.

Gabbiano makes the first move with a study for a sport Coupé with an interior compartment for four genuine seats.

The term is derived from the opening of the door. Typically, four-seat coupés feature very lengthy doors that require a lot of space to open and allow entry in two stages: back seats first, then front seats. There is one seagull door that enables modern access to the front and back seats.

The glass windows that entirely wrap around the compartment are visible for the first time on the Gabbiano, and this feature will be replicated in many subsequent prototypes.

Source: Italdesign