citroen xanae

Citroen Xanae (Heuliez) (1994)

With two doors on the left side, a single door on the right side, comfortable seating for three to four people, a large glass area, swiveling front seats, and distinctive hatchback styling, the Xanae demonstrated Citroen’s future proposal for a future small-sized multi-purpose vehicle. The windshield extended onto the roof. The two glass areas were separated by a horizontal windshield/roof line. With a 2-liter engine connected to an automatic gearbox with a shifter on the steering column. the Xanae also carried a distinct interior. The asymmetrical steering wheel sat in front of the instrument panel, housing analog gauges and a protruding panel housing the car’s controls. The passenger side was free of any interruptions, aside from the glove compartment. The dashboard was also flat, to allow easy placement of items.

Source: Concept Car Central