citroen zabrus concept

Citroen Zabrus Concept (Bertone) (1986)

The collaboration with Citroen, which ended two years later with the grand debut of the XM, was a significant step forward for Nuccio Bertone.

The collaboration with the French manufacturer resulted in some experimental prototypes in keeping with the Bertone history of generating prototypes that are more than just design exercises but fully-functional concept cars with working mechanical components. Starting with the doors, which were supposed to open forwards and upwards, a feature originally seen on the 1968 Carabo and taken into production on the Lamborghini Countach, the almost extravagant styling of the Zabrus incorporates some design ideas of enormous impact and which were extremely dear to Bertone (1971). The on-board instrumentation is a futuristic example of multi-functional electronic controls incorporated into a highly inventive dashboard. The front seats move outwards to facilitate access, and the driving seat is automatically positioned by an infrared beam system to provide the driver with maximum view. Despite its muscular appearance, this is a car that does not skimp on passenger space or comfort.

Source: Bertone