Fioravanti Ferrari F Roadster

Ferrari F100r (Fioravanti) (2000)

F100 is a new vision of the Gran Turismo car of the Ferrari brand. In 2000, at the Turin Motor Show, the car was shown in the F100R roadster version. Both modifications are empty models with a length of 4430 mm, a height of 1070 mm, and a width of 1910 mm. Wheelbase – 2550 mm. There is only talk about the engine and transmission. They say the car will have a mid-engine layout with a V10 engine. But, we repeat, for now we can only talk in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the body. Here it is: plastic in Italian style, with a minimum of external decor. The form must speak for itself. The main idea is an alternative to the traditional style of Ferrari’s long-time partner, Pininfarina. There they complicate the shape, here, on the contrary, they strive to simplify and make the surfaces of the body more concise. In addition, the F100R is interspersed with several technical highlights, for example, rearview cameras replacing the usual mirrors, neon rear lights made of thin ring tubes. And the main innovation is a rear wing with a variable angle of attack. Turning at a large angle, it increases the load on the drive wheels. By changing the downforce, you can significantly improve the stability of the car at high speeds (at the threshold of 300 km/h). In addition, the wing acts like an aerodynamic brake, reducing the braking distance of the car by increasing drag. In general, Fioravanti has few equals in aerodynamics – I remember that back at the 1996 Turin Motor Show, the maestro exhibited a “Flair” model with a coefficient Cx = 0.18!