Sbarro Scorpius Bi-moto

Sbarro Scorpius (Bi-Moto) (2000)

Sbarro Scorpius (Bi-Moto) combines the convenience and safety of a car and the temperament of a motorcycle.

The company “Sbarro” is a manufacturer of exclusive cars and a prestigious design school. The “Bi-Moto” concept supercar was designed by her students.

“I suggested a joke topic to my students,” says Franco Sbarro. Imagine a married motorcyclist. His wife is expecting a child. What will he ride now? So the idea of “Bi-Moto” was born, blurring the line between a motorcycle and a car.

“Bi-Moto” is extremely simplified. Its body simply serves as a “wrapper” for mechanical stuffing. It doesn’t even have windows. Therefore, when sitting behind the wheel of “Bi-Moto”, it is better to wear a motorcycle suit and a helmet. How else to protect yourself from a crazy headwind at a speed of 300 km/h? Such a serious indicator is provided by two Yamaha bike engines with a total power of 260 HP. If one fails, the car can continue to move on the remaining one.

Having examined the “Bi-Moto” motionless on the stand, you will not fully understand its essence. Why, for example, it is equipped with wheels from a sportbike. For style? After all, it would have been wiser to put wide car tires… The secret is revealed in motion: it turns out that the Bi-Moto suspension is made in such a way that the device rolls like a motorcycle when cornering (maximum angle of inclination is 15 degrees). And car tires with a wide flat “sole” are really useless for the concept…