Bertone Slim

Bertone Slim (2000)

Pollution, clogged roads, parking problems – all these problems gave birth to the Bertone Slim. With a length of three meters and a width of only one (1) meter, it allows you to penetrate the city stream with the same ease with which a torpedo rips up the water column.

The Slim has two seats that are located one behind the other, as if in a combat aircraft. Moreover, there is quite a decent trunk.

Sliding transparent roofs over the seats have two functions. The first is that the driver or passenger can ride either in a closed car or in a kind of convertible. The second is a sliding cap that allows you to get out of a squat car without complex “gymnastic exercises”, which is important for older people. Although, first of all, the car is intended for young men. What motors confirm…

The Slim can be equipped with various modifications of the Lombardini 2-cylinder four-stroke engine, which is hidden in the stern of the car. If the engine power does not exceed 4 kW (almost 5.5 hp), then, according to European laws, the Slim can be driven by a teenager over 14 years old. Upon reaching the age of 16, the bar rises to 15 kW (20.5 hp). which is pretty serious since the car itself only weighs 390kg. However, for kids of a fair age (over 18 years old), this may not seem enough. But then no one forbids supplying a two-seater with a super-powerful engine from some kind of superbike, and Bertone Slim could turn into a road torpedo with a frightening temperament.