ford corrida

Ford Corrida (Ghia) (1976)

The Ghia Corrida was the first Fiesta-based concept car, introduced at the Turin Motor Show in November of 1976, the year the Fiesta was introduced. Corrida means bullfight, and the Corrida Concept was Ghia’s vision of a new age sports car with an array of safety features.

Corrida was not only based on a Fiesta, but was also powered by a Fiesta engine. It featured pneumatically operated gull wing doors hinged in two segments and electrically operated flaps for the headlamps to provide optimal aerodynamics performance. The rear luggage compartment was hinged at the bottom.

Corrida’s driving environment was unique. The instrument cluster was an array of boxes that provided a distinctive look of compartmentalization. The concept car was bold orange with black accents.

Source: Ford Media Site