Lamborghini Flying Star Touring

Lamborghini 400GT ‘Flying Star II’ (Touring) (1966)

On the 1966 Turin Auto Show, Touring displayed their latest car, the Flying Star II, this was to be the last car completed by this prestigious firm whose contributions to car design in the last 40 years can’t surely be forgotten.

Touring designed and built the Lamborghini 350GT, the company was founded by Felice Bianchi Anderloni in 1926, but in 1966 it all came to an end, on that year’s Turin Auto Show they prepared two new cars; a Fiat 124 convertible, and the Flying Star II, which, just like the 3500 GTZ, was mounted on a 10 cm shortened chassis. The Flying Star II was created by a team led by Carlo Anderloni, son of the founder, the results of this Lamborghini were rather disappointing, the angular lines of the body, together with the controversial roof design, made the car look like a station wagon, it also was very big for only two people with luggage. When it was presented at the Touring factory, the Flying Star II had Borrani wire wheels installed, but on the Turin Auto Show, these were replaced by the brand new Campagnolo cast magnesium wheels.

This would be the last design to come out of Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, before the company was revived in 2006 and introduced the A8GCS Berlinetta Touring based on a Maserati drivetrain in 2008.